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Effective tender (ET) = electronic auction (EA)

Trade moves the world. More and more people, companies or countries buy and sell diverse types of products. Nowadays it is time-consuming and financially very demanding to take bearings in large number of purchasers offers and markets. Speak nothing of that spectrum of offered services and goods will be steadily spread in the future.

Successful are those who buy cheaply, efficiently and in high-quality at the same time.

We deal with electronic auctions for the public and the private sphere as outsourcing and as well as public procurement under the Act No. 25/2006 Col.

Our services…

  • consulting for


  • overall analysis of the subject and form of the procurement
  • implementation of public procurement (including through electronic auctions)
  • assessment of the procurement process and its partial results
  • vocational audit of the procurement process after the realization
  • advice on

    electronic auctions

  • consultation in the areas with possibility of using

    ET methodology for public and private sectors

  • vocational analysis – precise definition of the purchase object (commodity)
  • procurement through electronic auctions

    (EA implementation using our software)
  • vocational audit of the whole procurement process including ET

Why it is advantageous…

  • saving money

    (on an average of more than 10% of financial volume), saving time and effort to obtain the right parameters for the object of the purchase
  • transparency of the process, higher control
  • professional and complex processing of the issues by experienced professionals, turn-key professional service
  • advanced know-how using modern information technology
  • for the electronic auction service, you pay only the amount of the saving (no risk of failure)
  • there is no possibility to protest against the electronic auction reset
  • the saved money can be used for performing of the activities which were not financed in the initial budget of the corresponding charter
  • the outsourcing is proceed with using our software and server which means that you do not need entry investment
  • some of our customers let us train their employees after the verifying of the expedience of ET used with our methodology and they gradually lease our software. We only do the audits of the realized EA (it takes approximately 3 years)
  • part of the process is legal counselling too, which will give you better contractual connection with the suppliers

Who can use our services…

  • state administration

    (ministries, state-owned enterprises)
  • public administration (municipalities, districts, regional units)

  • community service enterprises

  • proprietary companies (developers, investment and commercial companies)

What can you rely on...

  • - quality software on which were made thousands of electronic auctions and it is constantly improved and modified according to the customer needs
  • - administrators with long term experience in SW
  • - the team of workers with technical experiences in different areas
  • - employees with experience municipal and public sector
  • - expertly qualified employees in the field of public procurement according to the

    Act no. 232/2008